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5 Great Reasons to Job Share
Job sharing (JS) can be defined as a flexible work arrangement, allowing a full-time role to be shared amongst two or more people. In this article, EQ People’s Principal HR Consultants, Julie and Angie, share their perspective on five reasons and benefits why employers and employees should be discussing Job Sharing arrangement.

1. Job sharing can be applied to many roles

It is true that JS is more common in administrative or supporting roles, but JS also works in leadership, client facing and specialist roles. EQ People’s HR Principal Consultants, who job shared as Senior HR Consultant for 9 years, said “It was a complex role managing multiple responsibilities, projects and challenges, however we were able to tackle it as a successful partnership”.

2. Job sharing does not need to be complicated

JS is only a problem if it has not been fully understood. It is essential for a JS team to set and agree on the best communication approach between themselves and stakeholders, so the workload and responsibilities are shared in a seamless transition.

3. Job Sharing can be seamless with effective planning

For most day to day items and communication within the role, there’s no need to double up the same discussions between colleagues, clients or leaders. It is important to set up communication protocols within the team. Key stakeholders should be priority #1 for a job-share team – but remember flexibility is key because not everything is going to be perfect!

“Increase productivity, job coverage and retention”

4. Job sharing can benefit both employee and employer

JS is not an entitlement, but rather a joint commitment between the employer and the team. JS allows two experts working together to achieve results, and provides diversity of thinking and approach in a team environment that can greatly benefit an organisation. It has proven to reduce absenteeism, build engagement and lessen the impact on the business when one partner takes leave.

It also helps employees to double their talent and increase productivity, job coverage and retention. It offers a proactive approach to succession planning and career progression outcomes, with implications towards a committed workforce and decreased turnover.

5. Job sharing adds value to company

Job sharing not only offers benefits to employees and employers. It also sends a message to the rest of the organisation and prospective candidates that the company is progressive, and is building a stronger and positive culture that promotes the company as an employer of choice.

What do you think about Job Sharing?
Has your organization considered utilizing or expanding job sharing roles?
Are you in a job share position now or considering proposing it?

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